Member Qualification

Member Eligibility Review

Applicants are required to demonstrate that their company has a substantial history of managing significant projects over a reasonable duration. All applicants should maintain a dedicated team for project management and exhibit evidence of their quality, experience, and financial stability.

New members must be local or regional enterprises with well-established reputations in their industry-specific operations, encompassing logistics, finance, communication, and other professional aspects. Verification of these qualities will be sought through three project-related trade references from their current customers or partners, attesting to their capabilities and satisfaction.

All applicants, including current GLA members, must furnish at least three recent case studies from their ongoing project portfolio. These case studies should include comprehensive information about shippers, consignees, weights, dimensions, project management details, and a comprehensive description with accompanying images. Please note that these materials are intended for internal use only and will not be disclosed externally.

Applicants' official websites should prominently feature their project and heavy lift services.

Furthermore, members are expected to actively engage with other members of GLA and attend GLA Projects conferences at least once every two years. Inactive companies within the GLA Projects network may face non-renewal of their memberships at the discretion of GLA management, particularly in fully subscribed or major markets.

Member Qualification

Every forwarder within GLA Projects is obligated to adhere to the group's rigorous standards pertaining to experience, professionalism, and financial stability.

No forwarder can obtain GLA Projects membership without fully meeting the criteria concerning experience, service quality, and dependability. Membership status is continuously monitored to uphold these standards, guaranteeing clients consistently receive the utmost levels of service, capability, and security on every occasion.