Financial Protection
$1,000,000 Annual Protection for the Alliance
$50,000 Same Network

GLA Projects members excel in the realm of commerce, collaborating with fellow members with complete confidence, assured security, and tranquility, thanks to GLA Financial Protection Program.

Compensation Limitation
  • 1. GLA provides each member company,which joined GLA Financial Protection plan, with a Financial Protection of a maximum accumulative compensation of USD 50,000 annually.
  • 2. The annual limit of the GLA Financial Protection fund is USD 1,000,000. The compensation shall be paid according to the order in which Financial Protection applications are submitted. Upon reaching the annual limit, members that have not received compensation shall have their compensation automatically postponed to the following year.
  • 3. When both parties in a dispute are GLA members who have purchased Financial Protection services and are within the membership validity period or When creditors, who have withdrawn from GLA, shall provide relevant proof that the bad debt occurred within the validity period of the membership.
  • 4. When both parties are in a dispute and belong to GLA network and other networks membership at the same time, the GLA compensation amount shall be automatically reduced by 50% , regardless of whether they purchased Financial Protection services from other logistics network or not.
  • 5. In the case that the compensation amount applied for regarding a dispute is greater than or equal to USD 30,000, the creditor shall also utilize judicial channels to demand compensation from the other party and have the judicial proceedings determine whether the party responsible for the compensation is suspected of fraud or unable to pay the compensation. GLA will execute Financial Protection based on judicial proceedings determine.
Procedure for Claim Processing
  • In the unlikely event of a claim, our proficient and dedicated Customer Services department efficiently and prudently manages each case. If a claim is deemed valid and falls within the program's parameters, GLA will promptly provide compensation to your company, without incurring any penalties or charges.
  • For further information on the Financial Protection Plan, please feel free to contact us at All claims are subject to the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE FINANCIAL PROTECTION PLAN.